Who We Are


Tobias Abbey
cofounder & CEO

Tobias has been involved in the blockchain space from an early stage and is a huge proponent and advocate in the technology and the positive impact it will bring to the financial world. This has lead to Tobias having many speaking and education roles within Australia he is considered a high profile investor in the industry with a global network of partners in the space in all facets of the industry.

Tobias also has extensive experience in the financial industry as one of Australias largest proprietary derivative traders, trading of financial assets with a particular focus on event and volatility trading as well as HFT algorithmic trading.


ChaRles Locke
Co-founder & coo

Charles Locke is COO of Polybius Capital, an advisory and investment management company focusing on cryptoassets. Prior to Polybius Capital, Charles was a leader in the Australian mineral resources sector, again focusing on early stage investment. Charles was responsible for negotiating the largest early stage investment round in Australian mineral resources history.

Charles specialises in fund management and ICO advisory



Jeremy Rose
co-founder & CMO

Jeremy leads the largest business relationships for Google globally and has deep experience is consulting fortune 500 tech companies on growth practices and innovation. He leads large consultancy teams helping companies to overcome broad problems associated with market development. Prior to his role at Google, Jeremy was the first APAC hire at high growth startup, AdRoll, Building the team to over 80 staff.  Jeremy is also an active angel investor through the investor group, Lab17, which he provides marketing and business management advice to startups across APAC and the US.

Jeremy specialises in ICO marketing and growth advisory.